Dinner Menu


Our dish of raw fish depending on the market (prawns, shrimp, oysters, tuna, salmon, scallop, amberjack, sea-urchins, shi drum)€25
Amberjack, fresh mushrooms, tuna bouillon, dried broad beans and blueberry€ 18
Sea-Parmigiana with eggplant, tomato, mozzarella, basil and mussels€ 18
Crispy Piadina with chickpeas-hummus, radish sprouts and pumpkin seeds€ 16


Carnaroli Risotto with raw prawns and matcha powder€18
Spaghetti with pasley, garlic cream, chili-pepper and Cervia’s mussels€ 16
Cappelletti with aubergines, sea bream, pine nuts and fresh oregano€ 18
Purple potato gnocchi with Cacio-cheese, truffle and toasted hazelnut€18

Second courses

Il Gran Fritto: fried scampi, prawns, squid, sage, borage leaves and courgette flowers€ 20
Seared yellowfin tuna with purple potato-cream and caper€ 18
Crunchy prawns with zucchini and sweet&sour spicy sauce€16
Grilled shi drum with zucchini, peach and vanilla€ 18
Pork fillet with vegetables and mashed potatoes€ 16

Side Dishes

Baked potatoes€ 5
Grilled vegetables€ 6
French fries€ 5
Green salad€ 6


Mascarpone Danilo with Mou cream and pop-corn€ 6
My Pavlova with pistachio semifreddo, raspberry and meringue€ 6
Tart with dark chocolate, red currant and mint€ 6
Crema catalana with coconut milk, mango and passion fruit€ 6
Millefeuille with mojito Chantilly cream€ 6


Water  Glass Bottled 0,75l3,00
Filtred water in 1l  jug (eco-friendly option)1,50
Ask our waiters for other drinks and our wine list
Cover Charge per person3,00
Some dishes may contain frozen / deep-frozen products based on market availability / seasonality.
For any information on substances and allergens, it is possible to consult the specific documentation that will be provided, upon request, by the service staff.