Lunch Menu

Day’s proposal

Ask our waiters what our chef Mimmo cooked special today!

Hot, Cold, Raw

Sautéed clams alla marinara (with oil, garlic and, parsley14
Marinated salmon carpaccio (raw) with dill and lime 15
Seafood salad with octopus, cuttlefish, steamed prawns and crunchy vegetables15
Crispy piadina with chickpea hummus, radish sprouts and pumpkin seeds16
Tuna tartare with avocado mayonnaise and tortilla 16
Squacquerone (fresh cheese) pudding with cured ham, beetroot and crispy piadina15

Freshly Made Pasta

Tagliolini with mussels, clams, shrimps, cherry tomatoes and basil16
Strozzapreti with lime clams and zucchini15
Paccheri with pesto (garlic, oil and chilli), prawns and black sesame15
Gnocchi with Squacquerone cheese, spinach and toasted mandels14
Fusilloni with Guanciale, tuna and yellow tomatoes confit14
Lasagna Romagna Style13

Fryer, Grill And Pan

Fritto misto: fried squid, king prawns, potatoes, courgettes,and sweet&sour sauce16
Fried chicken cutlet with French Fries12
Seared yellow fin tuna marinated in soy sauce with mango and ginger tartare18
Prawns and Cuttlefish skewers with breadcrumb14
Lightly grilled Octopus on Mashed Potatoes with Taggiasca olives17

Classic burgers and much more!

Classico: Semolina bread, 150 gr burger, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon10
Il Grande Max: San Patrignano bread, 180gr Fassona burger, dry yellow cherry tomatoes, marinated zucchini, crispy bacon and vanilla mayonnaise14
Chicken: Hot dog bread, chicken strips, baby spinach, tomato, Greek yogurt sauce and curry12
Salmon Burger: Semolina bread, salmon tartare, goat cheese mousse with black pepper and lime, avocado, fled salad and almond fillets14
Shrimp Burger: Semolina bread, sauteed prawns, rocket, stracciatella (soft cheese), creamy-spicy mango, crispy speck14
Veg eterian : Chickpea hummus, grilled eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, pecorino cheese flakes and roasted pine nuts10
Vegan: Semolina bread, Beyond Meat Burger, beetroot hummus and glasswort13

Side Dishes

Baked Potatoes with rosemary5
Grilled Vegetables6
French Fries5
Salad Mix ( green salad, tomatoes, arugula, carrots)6


Cooked Ham or Salami5,5
Raw Ham6
Squacquerone and Arugula6
Squacquerone, Arugula , Raw/Cooked Ham7,5
ADD ONS: Vegetables, arugula, fontina, cold cuts, cheese1,5

The Fresh summer salad

GRECA: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, cucumbers, red onions, olives, peppermint12
SPECIAL: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, tuna fillet, mozzarella cheese12
FITNESS: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast, Parmesan flakes and yogurt sauce, toasted sunflower seeds12
SHRIMP BOWL:  steamed shrimp, cashews, black rice, peppermint, pineapple, avocado and soy sauce12
LA VEGGIE: spelt, carrots, spinach, chickpea hummus, avocado, toasted seeds12


Mascarpone with mou and popcorn6
Cantucci with vanilla cream6
Crema catalana with coconut milk and mango6
My Pavlova with pistachio and raspberry6
Cheesecake with Dulcey chocolate and crumbled cacao cookie6


Water:  Plastic Bottled 1l or Glass Bottled 0,75L3
Filtred water in 1L jug (eco-friendly option)1,5
Ask our waiters For other drinks and our wine list
Cover Charge per person2,5
Some dishes may contain frozen / deep-frozen products based on market availability / seasonality.
For any information on substances and allergens, it is possible to consult the specific documentation that will be provided, upon request, by the service staff.