Tapas/Burger Menu

Small appetizers and delicacies to quench the afternoon’s hunger and to complete with a drink with friends!


Battered vegetables5,00
Chicken wings with spicy sauce6,00
Hummus with carrots, celery and crunchy piadina5,00
Trio of mini bruschetta: tomato and basil, anchioves from Cantabrigo and Tropea onion, spicy chorizo7,00
Focaccia and mortadella5,00
Battered vegetables5,00
Big french fries with aromatic salt5,00
Small french fries with Cervia salt3,00

Classic Burgers and much more!

Classico: Semolina bread, 150 gr burger, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon10
Il Grande Max: San Patrignano bread, 180gr Fassona burger, dry yellow cherry tomatoes, marinated zucchini, crispy bacon and vanilla mayonnaise14
Chicken: Hot dog bread, chicken strips, baby spinach, tomato, Greek yogurt sauce and curry12
Salmon Burger: Semolina bread, salmon tartare, goat cheese mousse with black pepper and lime, avocado, fled salad and almond fillets14
Shrimp Burger: Semolina bread, sauteed prawns, rocket, stracciatella (soft cheese), creamy-spicy mango, crispy speck14
Veg eterian : Chickpea hummus, grilled eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, pecorino cheese flakes and roasted pine nuts10
Vegan: Semolina bread, Beyond Meat Burger, beetroot hummus and glasswort13